Want to improve content at your organization? Kate can help!

Email writing and program design

Kate has written emails for many of the largest organizations in the progressive movement, and she'd love to help you bring your email program to the next level. This can include everything from writing copy to evaluating your metrics and helping you understand why some emails perform better with your list than others, then reorienting your email program accordingly to maximize its effectiveness. Kate can also help you incorporate storytelling into your organizational voice to help build a stronger connection between your organization and your audience.

Other writing needs

From op-eds to speeches to social media, Kate can help you craft content that ranges from deeply funny to deeply moving, or even a little of both. As a trained screenwriter, Kate is especially adept at listening to people speak and then writing in their voices -- and, obviously, making them sound like the best versions of themselves.

Video conceptualization, writing, and production

Video is becoming more and more important in communicating with your audience, and who better to help you than an experienced organizer and screenwriter? Kate can help you with any stage of video production, from brainstorming concepts to writing scripts to full-scale production in Los Angeles, including hiring a crew and delivering a finished product that you'll be proud to show your audience.


Kate offers two standard trainings for organizations, or she can customize a training to met your needs.

  • Storytelling for Organizing: There are two core concepts behind any story -- structure and character. The structure is about setting up an attainable goal with clear stakes, and character is about enabling your audience to connect to the person who's trying to achieve that goal. Creating structure and character is easier than you might think -- there are very simple rules you can follow. In this training, Kate will show you how some of the best storytellers in the world (the folks at Pixar) follow these rules, then teach you how to apply them to your campaigns.
  • Advanced Storytelling: Making Genres Work for You: From the ancient Greeks to Shakespeare to the timeless work of Michael Bay, all stories fit into certain narrative archetypes: the hero's journey, David vs. Goliath, revenge narrative, etc. In this training, you'll do a deep dive into a few of these archetypes and learn how understanding different types of narratives can help you tell the most effective stories for your particular audience. (Note -- this training is best when customized for your organization. Please contact Kate about customization.)