Writing Samples

The Brightest

Original pilot - one hour family drama

Chaotic keggers and backstabbing tenure races, high-minded debate and salacious gossip, illicit affairs and first loves – it's all on the syllabus at Averill College, the most exclusive school in America. But wild child freshman Della Pomeroy has even more drama than most: her parents are professors there.

Special Interests

Original pilot - half hour comedy

Four 20-something politicos (a lobbyist, a labor operative, a party planner, and a professional gay) take on beer, boys and Republicans in the District of Columbia.

"Very Superstitious"

The League spec episode

With just one week left until fantasy football playoffs, the guys in The League resort to all manners of supersitions and trickery to one-up each other, attracting the ire of a drug dealer, a district judge, and legendary Chicago Bears coach Mike Ditka.


Parks & Recreation spec episode

Leslie's city council campaign hits a serious roadblock in the form of the Occupy movement right in the middle of one of her beloved parks. Will Leslie side with citizens exercising their right to protest, even if it means ruining a planned Apple Blossom Festival? Or will she stand with Donna and the rest of Pawnee's 1%? 


Dexter spec episode

Dexter enters the darkest world he's yet encountered: Private pre-school admissions. Unfortunately, the murderer he's stalking this week is his son's admissions officer.


Teen musical comedy feature

Life. Love. Jazz hands. Four high school hopefuls set off to the national thespian championships: Will they be dragged down by a deranged drama teacher, an alcoholic mom, a closeted crush and a cute emo guitar boy? Or can they triumph to win the teenage Tony?

Slump Busters

Romantic comedy feature

slump bust•ers (noun, plural) – Fat and/or ugly women with whom baseball players have sex in order to break a hitting slump. A trio of badass ladies who get even by becoming epic slump busters... until one of them falls in love with her mark.

The Doctor's Wife

A new musical. 

Book by Kate Stayman-London
Music & Lyrics by Erin Kamler

THE DOCTOR’S WIFE offers a smart and poignant look at a day in the life of Rachel Rosenberg, a 37-year-old Jewish housewife living in an affluent LA suburb. Rachel strives to make every day "perfect" between manicures, garden parties and managing her teenage daughter. But when she discovers that her husband has left her, Rachel must come to terms with the fact that life isn't as idyllic as she once believed. Five women make up this dynamic cast, offering a new perspective on a familiar theme: finding identity as a woman in a fractured, modern America.


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